Party Role: Strikerciara-portrait-small

Class: Rogue – Scoundrel

Vital Statistics:

Race: Halfing
Sex: Female
Age: 22
Height: 4′ (1.22m)
Weight: Only a little
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Brown

Ciara is a young halfling rogue who has seen more than her fair share of trouble in her short life. She was born to a family of travelling merchants in the middle of a storm, and was born the only girl of many brothers. Though she herself has never been sick, her whole family died of an unknown wasting disease when she was twelve. The other merchant families refused to take her in, so she made her living by thieving, occasionally moonlighting as a barmaid. A few years ago, she met another young thief and married him. After a brash human soldier killed her husband in a brawl, Ciara ambushed her husband’s killer in the woods, tied him to a tree, and bled him dry. To this day she is haunted by anger over the injustice of her husband’s death, and she still hates the sight of any soldier, especially human ones. She is a wandering thief still, and has come to Brindol to trade in her stolen gold for supplies.

Listen to her interview here.

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