daenna-portrait-smallParty Role: Defender

Class: Fighter – Weaponmaster

Vital Statistics –

Race: Dragonborn
Sex: Female
Age: 18
Height: 6’4″ (1.98m)
Weight: More than Ciara
Scales: Blue and Silver
Eyes: Red

Bound by a blood oath, Daenaskatenaraisha, otherwise known as Daenna to the imbeciles who cannot pronounce her whole name, is the last of her clan. Her village was wiped out by a band of tieflings when she was very young, taking her and another young dragonborn, Panirr, captive. Subjected to humiliation and abuse as little more than a circus sideshow, she does not like to speak of her past, and the only family she refers to is Emris, her old swordmaster, under whom she studied diligently for six years. Driven by her rigorous morals, founded on a deeply personal sense of honour, Daenna has taken to roving the land in search of her last remaining kinsman, and any tale of Rhaenyra, the last silver-scaled dragonborn in her clan. Her service to the Raven Queen is devout, though private. Still young, barely eighteen, Daenna seeks to prove her courage, valour, and honour as she seeks her vengeance.

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