Party Role: Controllerkenzie-portrait-small

Class: Wizard – Mage, Nethermancy school

Vital Statistics –

Race: Eladrin
Sex: Female
Age: 55
Height: 6’2″ (1.83m)
Weight: That’s not polite
Hair: Blue
Eyes: Silver

Kenzie is a self-taught nethermancer who believes that the spirit of the ancient wizard whose tomes she studies gives her arcane knowledge. She was born in Blackmill, a village in the Nentir Vale, to Yr’ael Fireborn and Freya Leafcrest, making her half-eladrin, half-elf. Her father, a pyromancer, began teacher her wizardry at a young age before he disappeared on a dark quest into the Shadowfell. In the absence of her father, Kenzie actively chose to sacrifice the humble part of her soul in exchange for her nethermantic powers rather than give up the study of magic. Her mother Freya has been greatly disturbed by this choice, and has vigorously discouraged her brother Hrothwulf from following a similar path. She has recently received a mysterious letter from her father, apparently still trapped in the Shadowfell. His prompting has led her to Brindol, a small town several weeks journey south of Blackmill. She has recently gained an arcane familiar who takes the form of a raven named Fenn.

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