After a weekend of workstation difficulties and some unexpected server downtime, Episode 18 is up. We encourage you to follow us on Twitter or Facebook, where we update whenever the website is not available.

This week, we delve into Kenzie’s personal story as she visits the College of Ioun looking for tales of a wizard named Arroway. The other girls are left with their new bounty hunter/baby sitter pal Han. Will Daenna and Ciara get arrested? Will Modthryth and Han find a room somewhere? Listen in to find out!

Check out a bit of Kenzie’s history to get an eye in on what she’s up to now.

Length: 1h 13m 32s


DM – Daniel Vigilius
Ciara – Abbey Clarke
Daenna – Alessandra Kroger
Kenzie – Megan Nourse
Modthryth – Victoria Silenus
Producer – KR
Music – KR
Tavern & Town Ambience – Plate Mail Games
Music at the University – JS Bach – English Suite No. 6


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