Ciara and Kenzie have convinced town councillor Eoffram to have dinner with them, and Modthryth and Daenna have agreed to go along with it. What story will they spin for the man who hired them for the Rivenroar job in the first place, and will it be true or full of lies? And when they finally get on the road, will they be able to get along without the constant fear of death, or will Han, “the babysitter,” have to give them a good smack? Listen in and find out.

Length: 56m 43s


DM – Daniel Vigilius
Ciara – Abbey Brill
Daenna – Mara Osowiecki
Kenzie – Megan Nourse
Modthryth – Victoria Silenus
Producer – KR
Music – KR
Tavern & Town Ambience – Plate Mail Games


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