What is Knife Errant?

Knife Errant is a 4th edition D&D podcast inspired by radio drama

What is Knife Errant?
Knife Errant is a podcast featuring Dungeons and Dragons play that has been heavily edited for listener enjoyability.

Where can I get Knife Errant?
You can download episodes here from our website, or you can subscribe on iTunes to make sure you get them as soon as they release.

How often is Knife Errant updated?
Knife Errant is updated every Monday. In case of late episodes, updates go out via social media.

What edition of D&D do you play?
We play 4th edition D&D on Knife Errant, but we use our own house-rules that we believe will enhance the listening experience of the podcast.

Why not play [insert edition or alternative rules here]?
As gamers, we have experience in a number of different tabletop RPG rulesets. Our choice to play 4th edition D&D for Knife Errant was an arbitrary one, based partially on player experience and partially on listener experience. Our choice of D&D 4th edition is just that – a choice - and should not be seen as a “version wars” argument.

What world is Knife Errant in?
The world of Knife Errant is based loosely on the Nentir Vale and Elsir Vale locations presented in the 4th Edition Dungeon Master’s Guide and the Scales of War Adventure Path. The exact geography, history, culture, and future of the world is largely the creation of our Dungeon Master, however, and only he knows all the answers.

Why not play in the Forgotten Realms, Greyhawk, Dragonlance, or Eberron?
While we enjoy the established Dungeons and Dragons worlds (podcast producer KR loves Eberron in particular), we did not feel that we had enough familiarity with a well-established cannon like the Forgotten Realms or Dragonlance or well-known geographies like Khorvaire or Oerth to produce a quality podcast set in those realms. Using an original campaign world with some ties to well-known D&D 4th edition locations allows us the freedom to create the story we want while still giving listeners a sense of familiarity.

How many of you are there?
Our play group consists of four players and our Dungeon Master, Dan “The Man” Vigilius. KR produces the podcast and maintains the website.

How can I contact you?
You can email us your comments and questions at mailbox@knifeerrant.com. We encourage you to do so, as we might read out your letter on the podcast. You can also connect with us on either (or both!) Facebook and Twitter.

Why make Knife Errant? Aren’t there already a number of D&D podcasts?
Yes, there are already D&D podcasts, including the Penny Arcade D&D podcast that greatly inspired us, but Knife Errant is different. Most of the existing D&D podcasts are what is called “actual play” or “live play” podcasts, which means that some friends put down a microphone in the middle of a table (actual or virtual) and record themselves playing a roleplaying game. While these podcasts can be a lot of fun, our inspiration for Knife Errant comes just as much from old-time (and modern time!) radio drama as from round-the-table antics. This means a much more heavy editing and production load than an “actual play” podcast, as ambience, music, and sound effects need to be added, while some mundane chatter or even mistakes needs to be removed. Additionally, play sessions are broken down into digestible episodic lengths. Hopefully the end goal is a product that is just as much fun to listen to as it is to play.

So you don’t play Knife Errant live?
We do play our sessions for Knife Errant live, although since we live spread out across the United States we use Skype and Roll20 for our gaming needs. After our sessions, everything goes under the knife of KR, who does all the necessary production and uploads the file to the website. That means while you aren’t hearing everything we do or say at the table, you are hearing extra things like music and sound effects.

How can I play Dungeons & Dragons?
Find some friends, buy some books, and start playing! We highly recommend supporting your friendly local game stores (Wizards of the Coast has a great search tool to find the local game store nearest to you) to find everything from rulebooks to experienced game masters to new players to miniature figurines in order to enhance your gaming experience. D&D Encounters is a great way to get started with D&D if you’ve never played before.

How can I support Knife Errant?
We’re flattered that you would want to help us out. At this point, the best thing you can do for us is to subscribe on iTunes and join the conversations on Facebook and Twitter. Tell your friends about Knife Errant and help us grow our listener base. Even write us an email about something your particularly enjoyed. We do this for our own fun, but we also do it for your enjoyment and there’s something about hearing in your own words why you like our podcast that no Facebook like or Google Analytic can match.